Teaching in China

Here I am in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, a few hours out of Shanghai. Enjoying the springtime, and watching the blossoms and the greening of the willows along the canal on my ride in to work at the Zhejiang University of Water Resources and Electric Power.

I'm teaching Marketing Management on behalf of the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology. A great experience, lovely students, a beautifully landscaped university, fantastic canteen and a lot of fun learning how to read and say a few words in Chinese.

The main learning with teaching in another country and culture - be flexible, continuously update your approach to find out what works, and have faith that the students will rise to the occasion. Treat them as your customer, find out what works best for them, and try to inspire them to learn. Take advantage of their smartphones - it is a great way to communicate! I've set up a Moodle site so that they can message me, find the materials and even respond to surveys in class in real-time.  Learn to speak clearly, slowly and use international English (lose the idioms and colloquialisms), and most of all, be patient.

Last but not least, get out and see the countryside, interact with the people and enjoy the food.
Zhejiang Water and Electric Power University Bldg A middleZhejiang Water and Electric Power University Bldg A-right



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