About Us

About Us

Established in June 2000, in Victoria, Australia, Active Learning Partners is constantly evolving. We embrace change and learning as an organisation and pride ourselves on being open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.

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Focus and capabilities

Our focus is on promoting an active and holistic approach to learning. Our experience is in policy and procedure development, job analysis and competency development, use of simulators in training, the Moodle learning management system, and language literacy and numeracy strategy and resource development.

Our capabilities include providing advice on learning solutions for organisations, including policies and procedures to support compliance and continuous improvement, developing and customising training courses, delivering training and giving presentations on a range of subjects.

We extend our range of services and capabilities by cooperating, collaborating and communicating with other businesses. By doing this we have been able to coordinate large nationwide writing contracts, provide quality online course materials and provide writers, trainers and presenters from a broad skill base.

We have developed training materials and delivered presentations in areas ranging from occupational health and safety to external networking in the public sector; diving supervision and dive project management in the commercial diving industry; and marketing and human resource management for commerce and business students through to post graduate level.

Our practical and technical expertise extends beyond traditional management subjects to areas as specialised as contract management, governance, construction diving supervision, project management, risk management, marketing and human resource management.

Presenters, trainers and assessors

We have qualified in-house presenters, trainers and assessors. We also provide simulator operators and support for the world-first ADAS Dive Supervisor Training Simulators (see www.adas.org.au/simulator).

We collaborate with other businesses to provide presenters, trainers and assessors covering a wide range of topics and areas of expertise.

Contact us by e-mail to arrange presenters using either our material or yours.

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