Congratulations to Huddersfield University on achieving IChemE accreditation

Professor Grant Campbell

Professor Grant Campbell in the Chemical Engineering Lab at Huddersfield University

We received a personal guided tour of the Huddersfield University Chemical Engineering teaching lab while visiting my brother Professor Grant Campbell in late September, on our recent visit to the UK. I was thrilled to hear recently that Huddersfield University has achieved international accreditation for their Chemical Engineering degree program through the Institution of Chemical Engineers. Congratulations to all involved. Here is a link to the announcement https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/icheme-accreditation-huddersfield-chemical-grant-campbell/


I also have the good fortune to have many opportunities to discuss education methods with Grant, which has led to some great innovations and different approaches. Grant won the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Morton Medal for Excellence in Chemical Engineering Education, and has published some very interesting papers on education, including "Encouraging engineers to read: A book-based final year assessment" and "Setting up new chemical engineering degree programmes: Exercises in design and retrofit within constraints" as well as contributing to various books. I find Grant's ideas and discussions inspirational and try to ensure that my students in the diving industry, and particularly in the Dive Project Management course also benefit from his ideas.

Thanks Grant for the continued inspiration, and good luck with the future of the Chemical Engineering program at Huddersfield University.

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