Successful Re-accreditation of ADAS Qualifications

We were thrilled and relieved to hear that all the qualifications for ADAS have been approved and added to the scope of delivery. After a very lengthy project spanning 18 months and involving several very large documents submitted to the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority), this news is welcome indeed. For more detail on the qualifications themselves, visit the ADAS website at www.adas.org.au.

The complexity and breadth of the offerings from ADAS in the hyperbaric operations field gave rise to the challenge of developing and updating nearly 100 enterprise units of competency and reviewing and incorporating many nationally endorsed units from a range of training packages. These contribute to qualifications in diverse areas including commercial diving and supervisor; remotely operated vehicle pilots and technicians; supervisors and simulator operators; hyperbaric tunnelling workers and lock operators;  project managers and diving managers.

Active Learning Partners was responsible for coordinating industry consultation both nationally and internationally, undertaking job analysis, reviewing, writing and rewriting units of competency, redesigning the qualification structure to incorporate specialisations with a common core and preparing all of the materials for the application process and the extension to scope project.

Having been responsible for this process from the beginning in the year 2000 and through every renewal since then, we have seen the massively increased complexity and cost of compliance over the last 20 years in the vocational education and training area. While there is no doubt that this has enhanced the quality and consistency, there comes a point where too many training dollars are diverted into compliance instead of into the student and learner experience. Here's hoping that things will settle down in this sector, and we can streamline the compliance requirements and focus on our core business of providing a quality student experience.

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