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Bronwen Campbell and Rob Gatt are the Principal Consultants at Active Learning Partners.

Rob Gatt

Rob Gatt
Consultant Active Learning Partners

Bronwen Campbell

Bronwen Campbell, Principal Consultant

Primary clients since founding Active Learning Partners in the year 2000 are ADAS and other businesses in hyperbaric operations. Hyperbaric industries include construction diving; scientific, aquarium, police and military diving; hyperbaric facilities, tunnelling; remotely operated vehicles and submarine rescue.

With a background in engineering, sales, management and training, Bronwen provides consulting services primarily related to training, curriculum design, course development and job analysis. She has worked with industry stakeholders, universities, regulators and certification bodies and is the course developer for ADAS accredited courses, recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

After Active Learning Partners completed a project producing the award-winning ADAS Dive Supervisor Training Simulator, Rob was recruited to ADAS, and was the Executive Director for the Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme for 10 years. He recently handed that role on to a new Executive Director to spend more time on the macadamia farm, and remains engaged with the diving industry and hyperbaric operations industry as a consultant with Active Learning Partners.

The Dive Supervisor Training Simulator won a platinum award at the IMS Global Consortium Learning Impact Awards in 2011, 6 months after its initial release. It is a fully containerised dive control station simulating dive operations and featuring a highly realistic panel with real valves, gauges and communication systems. Bronwen supports the two simulator installations in New Zealand and Singapore (and previously in Australia) with operator training, scenario programming and assistance with dive supervisor training and competence assessment.

Bronwen is also involved in occasional training and lecturing in a range of management and supervision subject areas at ADAS accredited training establishments, universities, workplaces and at public workshops. Her areas of interest are strategic initiatives to enhance employee development, particularly in management, project management and in language, literacy and numeracy (LLN).

Bronwen encourages the use of fit-for-purpose technology to enhance quality outcomes in training and business operations. She is an avid "Moodler" and maintains several Moodle sites covering learning management systems and exam banks for students, an LLN testing site and business portals. She maintains an active role in training and lecturing, and attends or speaks at conferences to keep her skills and knowledge up to date. In her spare time, she is the editor of a small local newspaper.

The rest of the team are employed on a project specific basis, or through collaborations with other business consultants. Meet some of our regular team on the about us page or read more about what we have done on the projects and customers page.

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Our primary service is to design learning solutions and related policies and procedures for compliance and quality assurance. We back that up with the capability of being part of that solution.

Do you need help identifying your needs - or do you already know what you want?

  • We can discuss your existing system with you, your management team or your staff and help to crystallise your needs. You can either tell us what you want, or we can do a formal needs analysis and design a comprehensive learning solution.

Are you concerned about the cost of customised training?

  • We look for ways of using what is already "out there" to keep costs down and development time short. We can source quality, low cost training materials through the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system, customise it, or develop training specifically for your organisation. We specialise in customising training to suit your business.

Is compliance becoming increasingly difficult and costly?

  • We¬†develop and advise on policies and procedures that help to build compliance into standard workflows. Using technology to assist with audit trails, training and transparency of information within a secure environment, compliance costs can be significantly reduced, while at the same time enhancing your workflows to be more efficient and effective.

Our list of tried and true services in being part of the learning solution include:

  • Learning management systems (we specialise in Moodle)
  • Curriculum development (accrediting courses to national standards)
  • Presentations (conferences, workplace)
  • Training (corporate, vocational, university)
  • Customised training materials (we include facilitator guidance)
  • Training courses - online and print-based¬†(we promote blended learning)
  • Procedure and manual development (quality, standard operating procedures)
  • Writing and editing (websites and print).

Talk to us about what you need - we can help clarify your needs and your options. We pride ourselves on being open to trying anything new - or if we can't do it we might know someone who can! E-mail us to arrange an appointment or to let us know your requirements.

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